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A camera link is a communication interface for vision applications.

A camera link is a communication interface for vision applications. The camera link in simple terms is a new piece of technology that allows information to travel faster and more of it, for less money and energy. The camera link furthers the basic technology of the channel link to provide a more useful specification for visual applications.  With the ever advancing need for better and more diverse visual technology, the camera links have taken up the torch and becomes a necessity.  The camera link will reduce the time needed for support and in addition to this, the cost for support will also be lessened.  The standard cable will allow customers to reduce their costs and save funds by purchasing in volume.

In addition to saving funds, it reserves power, and improves visual quality. Even so, the channel link’s transmission methods require fewer conductors of data. Five pairs of cable can transmit 28 bits of data, much higher than before, which is rather essential and allows more data to be processed in a shorter time span.  The data transmission rates are ever increasing and rises up to 2.38 Gbits a second. This chipset supports the current trends of ever increasing transfer speeds.  This is a generally an astounding piece of technology. This interface provides several possibilities for more powerful cameras. A cut of lag, more information, more powerful visual information being transported in a short amount of time are all benefits generated by this improvement in technology.

These improvements will not only deliver more visually stunning pictures and videos, but it will also provide it within seconds compared to the earlier editions that existed before. As technology gradually advances, so will our need for more innovation, more creativity, and conveniences in life.  Future technological advances will generate even better quality and power than that of which we have now.


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Broadcast on August 31st 2008 in Camera Links