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Satellite downlinks is a satellite that has finished processing the data.

These few terms may seem daunting to the unknowledgeable and complicated to the untrained eye and mind, but in reality, these words are really quite simple to understand. The following article provides short definitions on what each on what the terms are, and what their uses are. Satellites are defined as the communication path from a satellite to its ground station satellite downlink can be used for broadcasting events by satellite. Video conferences are an example of an event that can be set up utilizing the technology a satellite provides. Satellite downlinks is a satellite that has finished processing the data whereby the information is then sent back down to an earth station. The information signal will be stronger due to the fact it was amplified once it reaches the satellite.

A communication satellite is a spacecraft that remains in orbit around the earth that receives process and sends signals of information to a ground station. A communication satellite amplifies the information signal. This technology can be found in televisions, the Internet, cell phones and various other usages. If you have been to a major university, you would have seen large conferences being held all the time to facilitate their student and faculty needs. A satellite downlink makes video and audio streaming possible and that is why it is so crucial in communication. A communication satellite is the main component in processing information and receiving uplinks and sending down links.

Just as is such a thing as a satellite downlink, there are also satellite uplinksSatellite uplinks are the pathway from a ground station to the satellite. Satellite uplinks are weaker than downlinks due to the fact that the information and its signal are not amplified until the data signal reaches the satellite.  The actual definitions of these items are simple once explained, and are easily comprehensible, as are most technologies. Hopefully, this article will enlighten you with a brief knowledge of these terms and a few of their uses.

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Broadcast on August 31st 2008 in Satellite Links